Our clothing.

Organic cotton.

Until I started looking into becoming a more sustainable brand I had absolutely no idea what the benefit was for our environment, the farmers and our babies skin for buying organic cotton clothing. Did you know organic cotton is one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics you could choose? No, I didn’t either. When organic cotton is being produced organic farmers use natural methods to grow the cotton such as crop rotation to eliminate the use of harmful pesticides and fertilisers. The farmers are able to use natural water supplies instead of integrated watering systems because the soil is so much healthier, it acts like a sponge almost, to preserve the water meaning it has it stored up for dryer times, this in itself is saving a huge amount of water. And because there are no chemicals used in its production this also means it’s kinder and softer for your babies skin, how great is that!

Made in Europe.

This one is really simple, I wanted to keep our carbon footprint down as best I could. Whilst Britain is an important choice for us to manufacture in, it became clear that babywear manufacturers are few and far between here. Whilst some of my items will be made in the UK the next closest was factories that are within Europe. All our choices are being made with our environment in mind and whilst our steps are small, I’m proud to be making them as my brand grows.

Reuse or recycle.

Organic cotton is absolutly the right choice for our babywear, it’s soft, sustainable and our garments are made well so they can be reused and reloved. When your little one has grown out of our babywear you have the option to pass it on to family, friends, charity shops or anyone you know who can benefit from it and if that’s not your thing or you dont have anyone to pass it onto yet then organic cotton can infact be recycled. Check out your local recyling centres to see how and where you can do this.