About Me.

I’m Amanda and there are a few things you need to know about me. I love photography, I love social media (especially Instagram), I love my phone and I own the baby gift brand called Ruby and Freddies (shameless plug!). Through running my small business on my own it has opened up my eyes to the need for constant content to keep followers interested in what we are doing and to keep us seen by that pesky algorithm.  Running a retail brand has given me first hand experience of the stress and extra work load that content creation brings on top of everything else that goes hand in hand with running a business, including budget! Because of this, I started taking pictures everywhere I went to make sure I had content of all genres in case I needed it. I’m not a professional photographer and I use my trusty iPhone 13 to take and edit all the pictures you see on this website. I’m now using my experience to help other companies get their photographic content in order. You send me the items you want snapping for your socials, I take and edit all the content on my phone for you ready to use as and when you need to post! It really is quite as simple as that! I am also available to come to your office, shop, restaurant, AirBnB, public gardens etc to get the content, dependant on location. Fill out my contact form or email me to get more information and we can discuss your brands needs.